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ALL CHILDREN MATTER and all children should have someone telling them that they can be anything they put their minds to.


little brinks

Little Brinks started when Danny and Kath were asked to come to Elsies River and have their foster daughter meet her biological mother for the first time. While waiting for the social they saw grannies, babies and children waiting for social workers to give them food and clothing parcels as they had taken in more kids through the week and didn’t have anything for them.

Right there Kath looked at Danny and said: “We need to do something!”

That year they held the first of many Christmas parties and the following year started taking in kids in emergency situations for the night so social workers could find them a safe long-term home. They opened a soup kitchen at Buren High school in Brooklyn and also started a matric dance room where girls can borrow a dress and shoes making it possible for her to look like a princess, for free.

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Since starting the soup kitchen, they have also started feeding programs at creches in Du Noon and in Hout Bay, where they found many kids that were going to bed hungry because their parents, while good people, just cannot find work.

Help us by donating

Big Or Small, Every Donation Goes A Long Way In Helping A Child Or Family.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that each and every child and baby, has a place of safety, food and clothing.

We have seen far too many cases of abuse – some of which will continue to live with us forever

That said, we are now absolutely dedicated to making a difference in the lives of these little people – helping those who cannot be heard or speak for themselves.

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Dream Home Kids

Chelsea's dream home

In this picture are 5 souls who have touched mine, each one seen and gone through more than most adults, in no order at all.

One dropped on head, rushed to hospital with bleeding on the brain, miracle kid is ok, and has FASD which they can never ever grow out of.

Next kid left on side of rd which I stopped, flashed down police who were doing their lunch shop and thrilled they needed to stand and look after me while I kidnapped a lost kid, dad finally realized what was happening and came staggering on across busy rd after an argument with a pole, yes a pole.
Socials arrived and I left with said child as they have no where for kid and I wasn’t leaving kid behind especially when they were hungry.
Next kid found on dump, loved but couldn’t be kept as they couldn’t afford it
Next kid found on n7 alone dumped by mom to go drinking …. also definitely FASD.

The bigger child belongs to my amazing staff member who I’ve been blessed with having them live on the property and she is starting school next year because a very generous friend is paying her fees 🙂

This is my life.
This is your pledges.
This is real.

I was asked to explain the dream house more, so I thought I’d start at the beginning…
The house will be for ANY child in need, not just our family but broken kids in need of love, care and emotional healing.

I’ll never forget the first baby we got in had scars up and down her from how she was raped and sodimised, she had to have a full hysterectomy and even though she was tiny she fought, but forever she will know what happened to her.
The next kid didn’t actually come to us, he went to hospital his father decided he was a burden and tried to drown him in a bucket filled with urine… the urine which was like acid went into his lungs and caused swelling and burns inside his throat and face.
He survived and is now a very active little boy who our supporters helped and who helped me find an amazing placement for him and then his “sister” too.

Then there were kids, who were just dumped like nothing, beaten until their skulls were fractured, shaken until unconscious, kicked, stabbed, and these are just by the people who were meant to be their family…

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and we have proven it over and over because you’re our village !!!
Now imagine a home for these kids bought not by one person but a village, and the farm will be placed in a trust so that forever will it be a place of safety for kids in need, and help them find their forever homes.

We are trying to buy a home for abused and neglected babies and children in fostercare.
The idea behind Little Brinks NPO 176-343 is it takes a tribe to raise a child, this house will be bought by a tribe who cares, not one person, not for one child but for many from many.

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how you can help

Make a donation

Big Or Small, Every Donation Goes A Long Way In Helping A Child Or Family

What We Do

What We Do and How You Can Get Involved

  • Safe house establishment & operation
  • Community projects
  • Educational programs
  • Skills Development programs
  • Family support
  • Day-to-day
  • Emergency
  • Feeding schemes
  • Soup kitchens & school feeding schemes
  • Clothing items & Food collection and drop off
  • Homeless assistance
  • Sport programs
  • Counselling
  • Job creation and skills training
  • School programs

Get Involved

Understand The Process

We work through social workers in the specific areas that are in need of help and we do this so that it helps the family with getting grants and getting their children into schools as well as helping register children and getting birth certificates which many do not have.

We then meet families and see what they need and how we can help.

make a difference

Christmas Party

Each year we choose an organisation that we work with and get 250 children together from the community that we know and spoil the kids with food, juice and a present for each child.

Information Sessions

One of our goals at Little Brinks is to have a fundraiser and information session at least twice a year


We are always looking for drop off places where donations can be dropped off and we can collect from as well as hands that can help sort, wash and go through the donations that we receive and then people to come spend time with the kids in the morning in the week..



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